History of Sasuboshi

Boiled fish paste was fisherman's private food the past.
The one by which I took like minced fish is steamed, and it's said that they made fish cake in order to eat caught fish as preserved foods.
SASUBOSHI which points near Yui harbor, I have begun to make boiled fish paste from 1890.
A main shipment destination is a riverside fish market in Tokyo. There was present in Tsukiji, but there was those days in Nihonbashi.
Yui station wasn't yet in the station of the Tokaido Line, and the closest station was Iwabuchi station (present Fujikawa station). It was being carried there by a cart.

Sardine is landed by the margin ship which has arrived which was at Yui harbor until around 1942 (※) according to Naokichi's memory carries the sardine to a factory, and it's said that they were making black cake of pounded fish.
Black cake of pounded fish and boiled fish paste started to be generally sold as a private food these days, and demand was also increasing gradually.
※ The fishing boat which nets the shape like the margin arrive. It's the feature to insert by two ships and catch a fish.

When a machine wasn't introduced, all production was handwork.
Naokichi put on boiled fish paste and black cake of pounded fish making and inherited the tradition by "kid in Monzen (young monk outside the gate)".
More taste of SASUBOSHI which points was established with technology built with boiled fish paste via study under Odawara.
Manufacturing time was limited besides the summer because refrigeration and refrigeration technology weren't developed then again.

After that mechanization was developed and fish cake also changed to mass production.
It's recent talk that SASUBOSHI which points introduced a machine, but I also keep making boiled fish paste built with hand and black cake of pounded fish now to understand good built with traditional hand.